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Munching Radishes Can Shower You with Hope

1 Apr, 2019 | A Practice For Spring


Spring is the ideal time of year to, literally, take a bite out of life and remind yourself of the constant dance of exchange you are in with the rest of the natural world.

It´s APRIL! Huzza, spring is truly here and what says spring more than the refreshing radish? Radishes usually don’t enjoy the rock star status. I think that is just down to a lack of awareness.  So, let´s get more mindful. Rewind the clocks and imagine how the peppery snap of a radish must have felt to humans who were anxious about the success of the new growing season? Radishes are one of the first fresh foods ready for harvest and they would have provided a welcome relief of tension this time of year. In Northern Europe, the radish is often the centre of attention in early Spring. Bowls of radishes (just as they are) often grace a dinner table as a side or are served in pubs as simple snack.  The next time the opportunity presents itself, slow down a bit and use all of your senses to take a bite out of life through a radish and connect to your true nature as a part of nature. 

Watch the video below for a perspective to put you in the right mindset for your nature relatedness practice.

Beginner´s Mind Question

That is the Beginner’s Mind question that will aid you in this nature relatedness practice.  Don´t know about you, but with all  the crazy stuff happening in the world, sometimes I find it hard to feel hopeful.  That`s when I look beyond the human created world. There is chaos, destruction and yes, the very future of our species is in question. Yet, at the same time, the sun shines, the rain pours and miraculously new life appears from the soil.  When we work in harmony with the earth, we help to nurture that new life – the life that sustains us.  What´s more hopeful than that? When I feel the need to escape on a hiking holiday, but reality dictates that I have to sit behind a desk in a big city, I connect to my true nature as a part of nature by munching on some of the first fresh veggies of spring – like the radish.  When I consider the little miracle that the radish is, it makes me feel hopeful.  And to make change happen for you, for people, for planet – you gotta believe that change IS possible.  So, get mindful and build some new habits by asking new questions about the meaning of food in your life, emotionally AND physically.  Why do the first foods harvested in spring make people feel hopeful?  And how can you channel that nature related hope into your life, and all that you do?

Ritual – A Simple Radish Recipe 

This simple recipe is a way to give gratitude to the anything but humble radish.  Its harvest arrives at a similar time to the worshipped asparagus, but without nearly as much fanfare.  There is power in changing that!  Munch on this simple herby salad and consider how, if you had no fresh food all winter long,  your mood might be brightened by the peppery pungency of a radish.  How might you feel more connected to the seasons and uplifted by the promise of the future to come?  The intense flavour, sound and textured experience of eating a radish can be a wake up call to develop greater awareness of how the environment that surrounds you  shifts your moods.  And, why do you think it does…

INGREDIENTS to serve 4

SALAD: 1 bunch of radishes, thinly sliced * 2 small heart lettuces/mini Romaine, shredded * 1 handful of sunflower seeds * 1 handful of fresh parsley, chopped * 1 handful of fresh dill, chopped

DRESSING:  2 tablespoons of organic rapeseed oil (I prefer this to olive oil as it lets the delicate flavours of spring vegetables pop more ), 1 heaping teaspoon of whole grain mustard, 2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar, 1 clove of garlic, minced, half teaspoon of honey. Put all the ingredients in a bowl and whisk. Let it sit for a half hour, if time allows, to let the flavours steep before serving.

Pour over the mixed salad, toss, sprinkle with a few extra ripped herbs and a few grinds of pepper, serve and CRUNCH away! Mindfully consider our beginner´s mind questions and look out your window as you do.  Make a nature related memory of your radish experience and the next time you crunch away on a salad, see if you recall how you feel, what you smell and what you think about the time of year you first ate your radish salad mindfully.  Any recollections that you have are nature relatedness in action.  Slowly, surely, the value of food in your life and the ability of eating to make you feel an integrated part of the environment will change. That is a first step to well being for you and the planet.  Just watch as your behaviour changes as your mindset changes.